Kanji of the year

Every year in Japan, they vote the kanji of the year (今年の漢字).
The kanji of 2014 was (zei –>tax) and it was surely a kanji that was representing the 2014 for the whole world, not only Japan 😀

So what kanji won this year???

The kanji of 2015 is…. TAHDAH

This kanji may be kinda familiar to all of you cause it’s the kanji of 安い (yasui –> cheap), but its ON reading is AN and you can find it in many words related to safety/peace and that’s why it won 🙂
Also this year, a kanji that represents the feeling of the whole world right??

So let’s take a chance to learn some words that use this kanji!

安心 — anshin — relief / peace of mind (also used with “suru”)
安静 — ansei — rest
安否 — anpi — safety
安らか — yasuraka — restful
安らぎ  — yasuraki — serenity/tranquillity
安心感  — anshinkan — sense of security

I have to add that the kanji that arrived respectively 2nd and 3rd are

爆 戦

They are “baku” (explosion) and “sen” (war).
Unfortunately 2015 will be remember for tragic moment, isn’t it?

But “safety” won and I wanna see it as the need of safety winning over the fear for terrorism..
And let’s hope that 2016 will be a good year with only nice kanji fighting for the win!


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