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7!! Seven Oops – Lovers

This song brings back memories since it’s the first song I have ever translated ^^
Beside that, it’s an awesome and meaningful song.
2 lovers can reall overcome everything if they stay and fight together.
So sad that “my” lover let the difficulties win instead 😦

English Translation

Now that you shed your tears
crying like a sobbing kid
Even if we can’t see tomorrow anymore, I’ll protect you
I looked up and stared at the summer sky Read the rest of this entry


Happyness – Holyday

English Translation

To da beat y’all and we don’t stop
Check It out now and you don’t stop

Lean forward in a ill vibe
brought to by Happiness and you don’t stop

So hot, with this smile that burns eyes
got you got you, knock out
1 look, who is in line of sight swallow breath
menthal confusion ohoh ohoh
2 times, i make u turn around
back to back to back to back
the second look, for sure,
will spread this pheromone
on and on
non stop beat to the break of dawn
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AOA – Mune Kyun

English Translation

Ah Yeah Brave sound
And it goes a little something like this

My heart skips a beat, i am palpitating
My heart skips a beat, oh no

How did it happen to me?
innocent almost as a fist love
suddenly meeting your glance
don’t look anymore
I am gonna become completely red

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Kana Nishino – Anata no Suki na Tokoro

Kana Nishino – Anata no Suki na Tokoro
(The reasons I love you)

English Translation

For example, your eyes
the way they wink when you smile
the smell of your T-shirt
your kindastrange sneezing
when you are into something,
you don’t pay attention to anyone.
Sometimes you are genuine
just like a child
when you are happy.
Being by you side
I am staring at many sides of you Read the rest of this entry

Changing blog contents: Lyrics Translation!

Ok Ok, I am really bad with blogs!

I am not really a person with a good perseverance and this goes against keeping a blog active 😀

But there is something I like to do and I already do for another site: translate japanese lyrics.
I think it’s a fun and interesting way to practice the understanding of the Language and an even better way to learn new words. Read the rest of this entry

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