Hey! I’m Cris, I am in my thirties and I am from Italy!
Thank you for visiting my blog!

Did u give a look around? Many stuff about Japan, eh? Yes! That’s my biggest passion!

I started this blog to simply shares my japanese studies with the world, but I got bored quite easily so I decided to change blog content.
Now the blog will be mostly focused on Lyrics translation. It’s my favourite way to practice ^^ My translations won’t be perfect for sure.. but good enough I guess ^^
If you have corrections or you wanna request the translation of a particular song.. simply contact me or leave comments 🙂
I will probably make entries about japanese Language and other random stuff, but I don’t know if I will post real “lessons” as the ones I posted at the beginning. I may post something about more advanced topic that are way more difficult to find on internet.

Well, well well.. but I am supposed to say something about me here??

Hmm.. let’s see.. I am a pharmaceutical chemist, but don’t worry.. I am serious only during work.. when shift is over I turn back into my real self and usually people think I am kinda weird  and random 🙂

My other hobby is gym. I like it but I could surely avoid it.. but I don’t wanna get fat 😦 And I really like to eat.. so I need to burn calories right? 😀 I also have a super low self esteem, so gym helps a bit 🙂

I totally suck in every discipline related to art. So I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t play any instrument. I am pretty good in math-related stuff.. but who would brag about it?!?!? I forgot to say I can’t write well, but u already noticed it.. I am sure of it 🙂

My only real talent is that I am able to do not give a fuck of 99% of the things happening around me 😀 Very very few exceptions win over this talent.. and it shows the few important things in life for me.

I could say many other bad and absolutely not interesting things about me, but I will spare u this torture 😉

If, after reading this, u aren’t scared yet by this abnormal human being.. then… contact me! I am on a diet so I won’t bite u 🙂


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